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Course Fee & Answer Sheets for Great Food Safe Food

Course Fee & Answer Sheets for Great Food Safe Food

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This product is solely for use by approved instructors of the "Great Food Safe Food" food handler course.   If you don't know what that is, you should not order this product.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

A pre-approved GFSF Instructor must purchase at least thirty (30) units of this product as part of a new session registration.  If your request is approved, digital copies of the answer sheets with embedded serial numbers will be created and sent to you.

  • YES you must purchase the seats before your registration request is approved.
  • NO this purchase does not accelerate or guarantee the approval.
  • NO you cannot use "leftover" seats after the scheduled session.  The next session must start with a fresh purchase.
If you expect last-minute additions to your session, order a few extra units now.  You cannot append units to this order once it is closed.
    THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.   Review your order!
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